Corvallis Carpet Cleaning

Corvallis Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet is as necessary as cleaning any other areas of the house. The major reason why you should be cleaning your carpets regularly is its effect on your health. Dirt and dust stored in the carpet are the main reasons for polluting the home air. It can make you sick if you continue breathing the polluted air. Regular cleaning makes your carpets healthy and improves their life. Hire a reputed Corvallis Oregon Carpet Cleaning service to get your carpets professionally cleaned.

How carpet cleaning is done professionally in Corvallis Oregon?

Carpet cleaning involves more than just moving a wand over your carpet. Before you book your appointment, get to know more about the whole process. From our arrival to waving goodbye to a satisfied customer, here’s an infographic to help you learn more about carpet cleaning.

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Inspection: The technician will identify and assess the condition of the carpet. If there are areas that will require extra attention, or items that need to be moved – it will be discussed with the owner. 

Pre cleaning: After the inspection and confirmation of the owner to start the job, our technician will start cleaning the areas according to order. The first run is to take out dirt, break it down and make sure it will get out with the cleaning later.

Carpet cleaning: Our professionals use Hot Water Extraction technique and Stain removal technique which enters deep into the carpet and extracts all the dirt, dust and contaminants. The steam will refresh the fibers of your carpets and rugs, and the extraction will vacuum away any residue leaving your carpets and upholstery fresher.


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