Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning


Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

You paid top dollar for your beautiful oriental and area rug all the way from central or southern Asia. I’m sure you spend precious time picking out the perfect rug to go with all the décor in your home. It once was new, clean, vibrant, and soft.

Is your rug over due for a professional cleaning? Is it looking worn, dull and dingy?

If so you need our Albany Carpet Cleaning services to properly clean your rug. There are a range of ways to clean your rug from hand cleaning to fully submerging it in a cleaner.

Because of the delicacy associated with most oriental rugs, they usually need to be cleaned offsite. However, we may also be able to clean it at your home. If we need to take it to our shop, we will pick up your rug and have it back looking beautiful, vibrant and clean again within 7-10 days.


​If you’re fed up with your stains and ready to have your carpet looking like new again, we’re always here ready to talk to you, call us today at 541-666-0777 or fill out the form on this page.