Pet Urine Removal


Pet Urine Removal

Pets they become part of the family but….. sometimes they have accidents. Pet urine is gross, smelly and embarrassing. The good news is we guarantees pet urine removal!!

Yes you read that correctly!

Here is some information for you, it may be more than what you wanted but…….well just read to find out.

Needs a professional. If you have tried to remove the smell yourself, chances are it didn’t work. That’s because it won’t go away unless it has been properly treated by a professional.

To treat it we have to find it.  We inspect the area by using a black light to locate the exact areas of the pet urine. Using the black light is always fun! You may be surprised to find areas you didn’t even realize your pet had urinated…. 

Pet Urine Treatment. We treat the area with a commercial grade treatment. After it has had the right amount of time to work its magic, we use a special tool to remove the urine from the area. 

If you are tired of the smell of urine in your home. Call us today at 541-666-0777 or fill out the form. We will gladly take care of the job once and for all.


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